I have been in construction trades since 2007 and have a vast knowledge of how jobsites work. Employees of Moore Scanning and Coring strive to be friendly, respectful, and as clean as possible when on the jobsite. We are fair in our pricing while still providing excellent service. While it be calling our office to schedule jobs or an employee showing up to the jobsite, our employees are responsive and strive to always be on time. Moore Scanning and Coring is family owned and operated. Whether scanning for a saw cut or core drilling, we make it a point to do the best job possible.



  • Member of the local UA 32
  • State Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Terms & Conditions


Moore Scanning and Coring LLC offers GPR services that will provide detection of rebar, wire mesh, post tension cables, and conduits in the concrete. There are sometimes restrictions that could alter our accuracy. These conditions can include, however are not limited to, reinforcing steel, reflection of an excessive amount of rebar, depth of targets being scanned, and moisture within the concrete.

With these conditions in mind, Moore Scanning and Coring LLC absolutely CANNOT guarantee or warranty the accuracy in being able to locate ALL conduits, rebar, post tension cables, & any other reinforcing steel.

Our job is to provide you with the locations that we believe are safe to saw cut, core drill, & excavate, based upon the scan readings. However, you, the customer, acknowledge that you understand GPR readings are based on interpretation of retrieved data. That being said, the coring, cutting, & excavation decision is 100% up to the customer. Moore Scanning and Coring LLC DOES NOT hold responsibility for accuracy of data retrieved from GPR, and is not liable for any losses, damages, personal injuries, alleged negligence from customer or any 3rd party.



Moore Scanning and Coring LLC IS NOT responsible for any damages caused from core drilling or saw cutting in areas approved by customer.


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